the world We saw a need for a voice that would speak for
the spirit of the earth,
the spirit of the land,
and the spirit of the people.

The members of Alpha Institute represent many cultures. We have worked together for nearly thirty years serving communities from Detroit's inner city to rural New Mexico. We now work with communities in cyberspace...


Alpha Institute's Goals

Alpha Institute seeks to extend communication resources to Native American and other communities, whose contribution, viewpoint, knowledge, and cultural identity are endangered. The viewpoints and concerns of indigenous societies focus on the urgent issues of sustainable non-destructive land use, resource management, and an economy rooted in a spiritual approach to the land and the people. Since the INTERNET represents a largely unedited open forum, it offers a valuable opportunity for groups who are often ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media to share their knowledge and express their views while participating in the global dialogue.

One of Alpha Institute's goals is to make computers available to those Native American communities and organizations who, due to lack of resources, are disenfranchised. Another goal is to act as a general news service as well as a site and web page provider for those groups.

We the Peoples - 50 Communities
"Certificate of Recognition"
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Alpha Institute
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"Creating Common Unity"
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How you can help.

Alpha Institute accepts donations of new or reusable computer equipment, which we can pass along to interested communities and various non-profit organizations, along with the technical support needed to help them find and use information resources they're interested in.

What we need:

  • New or reusable computers and notebooks, 3-5 years old, Mac or PC
  • Sun Servers
  • Video and Audio Digital Equipment

Alpha Institute, an all volunteer 501(c)3 corporation supported by tax deductable donations, was formed in 1991, to facilitate in the sharing of cultural viewpoints in cyberspace.

Let the spirit speak - help that voice be heard

For information e-mail: or write to:
P.O. Box 110998, Aurora, CO 80042

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